Buttercream & Ganache Wedding Cakes

buttercream wedding cakes

Buttercream wedding cakes are delicious and look fantastic in a marquee or a barn wedding venue , they can be smooth iced for a more formal look or can be textured for a more rustic appearance .

Some people prefer the look of an iced cake but don’t like the taste of icing. you can have the best of both worlds! your cake can be iced and decorated using white chocolate ganache or buttercream to give you that ivory wedding cake look but the wonderful taste of white chocolate or buttercream.

For those avoiding refined sugar ,grains and dairy , I also offer Paleo diet wedding cakes . Please email for further information.

We prefer to use edible flowers on buttercream cakes which are edible varieties organically grown in Devon . We will use florist supplied flowers only after direct discussion with your florist .

Buttercream cake prices start from £400

Ganache cake prices start from £430

We are happy to book a consultation to discuss your requirements once you have a confirmed wedding date and venue booking .

All wedding cake designs are created on an individual bespoke basis for each couple , for further information please contact me