What Size

Servings Guide
Here is a very hand chart to use when working out the size of wedding cake or celebration cake you will need. This is based on the following serving sizes –
Sponge cake 2″ x 1″ x 3″
Fruit cake 1″ x 1″ x 3″
Some cake designs do offer deeper slices (up to 4 or 5″).
In using this chart you will need to know how many guests you are serving and which combination of cake flavours you would like.
For large tiered cakes I strongly recommend you have a fruit cake or a fake cake as the bottom tier, as this provides a good foundation to hold up the upper tiers.

Size Round Sponge Round Fruit Square Sponge Square Fruit
6″ 12 24 17 35
7″ 17 35 24 47
8″ 24 47 30 60
9″ 30 60 38 75
10″ 38 75 48 95
11″ 48 95 58 118
12″ 58 118 70 140

Example Cake combinations and the number of guests you could serve

Do bear in mind though that I can be creative with your tier sizes in order to design the cake of your dreams.

Always dreamt of a large cake but don’t need hundreds of portions of cake? I can use dummy or faux tiers to make your cake look larger.

Would love a simple, elegant, three tiered cake but you have 500 guests to feed? I can make additional cutting cake for your caterers which will not be on display but can be cut and served to your guests.

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