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Wedding Cake Quotations

I felt I should write this post , to give couples some guidance on the best way to go about getting wedding cake quotations . I have had a number of enquiries recently that have made it nearly impossible to give an accurate quotation , because some or all of the vital information is missing .

so here is the ‘what & why’ guide to wedding cake quotations from Jill the Cakemaker ….

  1. Your full  Names – this is important for lots of reasons , aside from common courtesy, I sometimes send 10 quotes in a day and if I have both of your full names , it makes it easier for me to distinguish between the 3 couples called John and Doris , so you receive the correct quote. If you decide to book your cake with me , this information is also required to track your payments and for your invoices.
  2. The Date of your Wedding – This is required so that I can check my availability for your wedding date , I generally limit bookings to 1 per day , so if I am already booked on your date , I sorry , I will not be able to quote for your cake .
  3. The Reception Venue – I deliver and set up all the wedding cakes that I make , some venues are subject to an additional charge for this , some are free because they are either very local or I am listed with them as a recommended supplier .
  4. Your Requirements – Every cake is made to order on a bespoke basis , it is designed for you as a stunning centre piece wedding cake . I would love to hear about all the elements of your day , as often, they provide me with design ideas for your cake . If you have seen pictures of cakes you like , they can also be used as inspiration . Different cakes have different designs and take varying amounts of time to make , this in turn has an effect on the price . A carved 3D Zebra head wedding cake would be a lot different in pricing to a 3 tier naked cake .  If you have special dietary requirements I need to know this too .
  5. Your Budget  – your wedding cake is probably the most expensive cake you will ever buy ! Some couples are reluctant to say what their budget is , as they are concerned the quote will be for that amount . If you know what your approximate budget range is , please tell me , I will always try to help keep costs down and help you find ways of having your dream wedding cake , if at all possible . On some occasions I am unable to work within the constraints of your budget , on these occasions I always try to recommend design changes or other cake decorators who may be able to assist you .