Saving Money on your wedding cake 

Yes , I know it sounds strange ! Why would I want you to save money on your wedding cake ? Well , it’s quite simple , I want you to have a fabulous wedding cake  , but I also realise that my wedding cakes are not the cheapest and that some people simply can’t afford them . So here are a few ideas to help you save money on your wedding cake .

1. Serve the cake as dessert , with berries and cream , meringues and chocolate sauce , caramel and oranges the possibilities are endless . Although the cost of the cake might be slightly more , there will be no waste , and the cost of the catering should be less . 

2. Think outside the box : why not have a single tier cake as the centre piece to a dessert table ? You could get the keen bakers in the family to make desserts and tray bakes which can be arranged on beautiful crockery and cake stands . This works particularly well for afternoon tea and picnic style weddings , but I have seen it done in some prestigious hotels to great effect . 

3. Don’t have a cake – if you really want something different , why not have a donut tower or flapjack pyramid ? Why not have a cheese tower and pickled onion faux cake pops ? 

There are many traditions surrounding wedding food and drink , but I firmly believe people should make their own traditions , after all it’s your wedding !