Clean Feasting Easter


I have been experimenting with ‘clean eating ‘ in recent weeks , and with Easter coming up , I fancied a chocolate treat .

So I gathered together some classic clean eating ingredients and made this clean raw chocolate pie .

You will need the following : a food processor  , a loose bottom flan tin lined with clingfilm and this lovely selection of ingredients . The first thing you need to do is put 1 cup of dates (I used king solomon medjool dates) in to a dish and pour boiled water over them and set aside .



Make the filling first , so you don’t need to wash up the food processor in between 🙂


put 2 large or 4 small ripe avocados (you can see I used 4 small) , 2 tablespoons coconut oil , 3/4 cup of dark agave syrup or pure maple syrup or raw honey (whichever is your preferred sweetener) , 1/2 cup raw cacao powder (you can use pure cocoa powder instead ) , a pinch of himalayan pink salt and the seeds scraped from half a vanilla pod (you can use 1 tsp pure vanilla extract) , in to the bowl of the food processor . Blitz it until it is smooth and has no lumps at all , you may need to scrape the sides down a couple of times   but it should look like this when it is ready .


Scrape the filling into a bowl and set aside .

Take the dates that you soaked earlier out of the water , and take the stones out , then put the dates in the food processor. Add 4 cups of pecan nuts to the food processor and half a cup of raw cacao powder and then put the lid on and blitz until it looks like this .


Take out a few spoons of this mixture and sprinkle it over the base of the cling film lined tin like this


add 1/4 cup of the date soaking water or agave /maple/honey to the remaining nut mixture and continue to process until it looks like cookie dough


Using a spatula take all the mixture out of the food processor and press it into the lined tin with your hands ( I found it easier if you rub a little coconut oil on your hands first to stop it sticking) , press the mixture up the sides of the tin as evenly as you can . It will look a bit lumpy


Then take the filling you made earlier and put it into the base .


Place the ‘pie’ in the fridge for at least 6 hours (it is better if you can leave it in there overnight) .

When you are ready to serve the chocolate pie , take it out of the fridge and carefully remove it from the tin and peel off the cling film .

I served it with fresh fruit , toasted coconut flakes and some natural coconut yoghurt and grated 100% chocolate , but it is just as yummy served on its own .