journey under the sea

19. Under the sea


When Sarah first made contact with us , she was unenthusiastic about cakes generally and felt she should have a wedding cake because it was expected . She was having real trouble finding anything inspiring about wedding cakes and thought she would probably just order some simple cupcakes to make things easy .

When talking to Sarah on our first telephone consultation we discussed how she felt about cake and in particular wedding cakes , she just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for a wedding cake . So I suggested she tell me about how they met and any shared hobbies or interests they have . I jotted down a few ideas , and then we got on to the subject of Scuba Diving , Sarah’s passion and something her and Lee have done together many times . We chatted for a while about the different aspects of scuba diving and the sea creatures she loved to see.

After a few days of emailing pictures back and forth , we had another telephone conversation and came up with a five tier under the sea themed cake which would incorporate all the elements Sarah was so passionate about . Lee had no idea the cake design was being personalised to this degree and Sarah wanted to keep it a surprise until the big day .